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In these challenging times, let's stay strong together

Dear customers and partners,


I hope that you, your family, loved ones and friends are safe and healthy.


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted us on a global scale – our personal lives, work, communities and more have seen significant changes and challenges. The health and safety of our customers, employees and communities remains our number one priority. Safety, healthcare and ensuring the availability of food are of utmost importance, and we are all grateful to everyone who is working tirelessly to protect and feed people around the world.  


Farmers, retailers and distributors across North America are at the frontline of providing the world with safe and nutritious food and ensuring that our food chain remains stable for years to come. We are proud to work with these industry leaders, and colleagues, across the agriculture industry who are safeguarding our food supply so that it remains strong and resilient during these unprecedented times.


On behalf of the BASF North America Agricultural Solutions team, I want to extend my gratitude to everyone involved in farming and recognize the important role agriculture plays in our daily lives. We are beyond thankful for your continued efforts and resilience.


We are working hard to provide you with the solutions and tools you need to manage your farm operation. Our teams remain dedicated to you, your business and your success. I am convinced that the more the pandemic requires us to keep our distance from one another, the closer together we will become in a spirit of mutual understanding, support and solidarity.


Let’s stay strong together.




Paul Rea
Senior Vice President, BASF Agricultural Solutions North America



Using technology for precise agriculture

Farming today is more complex than ever before. The unpredictability of the weather, control of pest and weeds, market price development, scarcity of natural resources, all this in a world heading toward 9 billion people. These challenges demand BASF to continue its commitment to creating innovative solutions for growers, supporting them with the task of nurturing a hungry planet.

Farming & Crop Protection

Farmers have one of the hardest and most important jobs on earth. You get maybe 40 chances...